Film ID:
YFA 2846



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This film features a day out at the Radio Air Open day in Leeds complete with planes and funfair activities.

The film opens with a Radio Aire sign and then a Scorpion Tank with a sign for identification. On the grounds, there are workers setting up a tent and a small outdoor stage. Planes can also be seen at this point.

Inside, there are a few people in a radio studio set up for broadcast. Nearby, a man dressed in a silver costume, similar to that of The Tin Man, does The Robot, a dance popular during the late 1980s.

Outside, a carnival funfair has taken over the field. Crowds are observing different carnival sites such as a band performing on stage as well as playing games and shaking hands with workers dressed as cuddly creatures including The Care Bears.

A large cake has been decorated and reads Happy 6th Brithday from Thruston's.

There is an aireal shot of the fairgrounds, crowds, rides, and most of the surrounding area. From the ground, a similar view of surrounding areas can be seen before the end title.