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NEFA 21496



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An amateur film made by Kenneth Douglas, Managing Director of Austin and Pickersgill of Sunderland between 1956 and 1967, showing the construction and launch of the yacht Radiant II built at the yard between 1960 and 1961. The yacht was built for Basil M. Mavroleon of Fairwinds Navigation Ltd and completed on the 16th July 1961.

The film begins with a group of men walking around an empty berth. Filmed over a number of months’ views of the ship under construction begins with the keel in place along the berth and the ship frame installed. Men work to install the stern section.

With the superstructure completed men work from gantries to paint the ship. On the deck workmen look over plans. Nearing completion there are views of the ship on the slipway including shots of the two large propellers.

On the day of the launch, 29th March 1961, guests arrive and stand around on the dock area chatting. A woman holds a bouquet. The film changes to a position on the other side of the River Wear looking down on other shipyards along the river and the Radiant II in its berth. Back at Austin and Pickersgill an 'A&P’ flag flies from the bow of the ship. There are more views of both the yacht and decorated launch platform.
A bottle of Champagne smashes against the bow of the Radiant II and it slowly begins to slide into the River Wear. The launch is seen again from a second position showing the rear of the yacht. Guests watch from the viewing platform as tug boats begin to manoeuvre the yacht.

A dock gate begins to open and the Radiant II is manoeuvred inside. In position water begins to drain from the dry dock. Writing against the side of a building reads 'Austin & Pickersgill Ltd Shipbuilders & Repairers'. The film ends with a final view of the Radiant II in dry dock.