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YFA 1719



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This is a film which includes a few events taking place in and around Sheffield including children performing in a school play, a girl's birthday, and a family trip to Abbeydale Industrial Museum.

The film begins in what looks like a school room with walls covered in pictures. A girl dressed in black performs for the camera. On a makeshift stage, a group of school children are performing a play. They then line up against a wall to pose for the camera, before breaking out in song and dance. Later a group of girls are crossing a road and make their way by the Crucible Theatre. Inside someone's house, possibly grandparents, two children sit at a table with an elderly couple, and the girl blows out the candles from a birthday cake. Back at home a girl reads a letter and a boy is messing about, with their mother looking on. Another girl appears and their mother is seen checking some papers, followed by grandmother. The film then switches to Abbeydale Industrial Museum and some demonstrations of old workings, followed by a horse and cart.