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YFA 354



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This is a film that captures a Rotherham family’s holiday to Whitby and Filey, located on the East Coast of Yorkshire.  The film includes footage of the Chislett family on the beach, playing in the water, and taking donkey rides along the seaside.   

The film opens at Whitby harbour.  The houses and pier are shown along with the rough sea, and the family and friends are at Filey beach. The adults sit away from the sea, and all are dressed in smart clothes rather than beachwear.  The young toddlers that are with the family play together. The filmmaker’s wife pulls their daughter down towards the seafront in a small cart. They then walk hand in hand and play with other children before walking along the shallows.  

Two women and the toddlers push and pull a man who is in a shirt and rolled up trousers into the shallows.  He pretends he doesn’t want to go in before he then paddles in the water.  Other people in swimwear play behind him.  Two men play in the shallows with the toddlers as they dance around in a circle.  A makeshift cricket match takes place with the toddlers. Some children then take a ride in a donkey and cart.  A man and woman use spades to make a huge mound of sand near the seafront.  The toddlers then play on it before they are surrounded by seawater and sit at the top. 

Many of the children have donkey rides in a line along the beach.  The children make sandcastles; they are all smiling until one of the sandcastles is smashed.   There are tears until the sandcastle is remade.  Later two girls play pushing small boats around in a large dug out pool.  Tracks to resemble train lines are drawn in the sand and small signals are set up.  The daughter sits in the cart as it goes down towards the sea.  It is then either pushed by a young girl or pulled back by a man using a rope.  Another girl then gets in as well and has a go.  Final scenes show the children going back to the sea to play in the shallows.  The film closes with the daughter sitting down in the sea smiling to the camera.