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YFA 516



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This is a film from the Charles Chislett Collection, but made by Wrigleys Industrial Film Unit of the wedding of his daughter, Rachel. She married Roy Williams at the Congregational Church, College Road, Rotherham.

The film begins with a picture of blossom on a tree, which dissolves to a wedding invitation - of Rachel Anne Chislett to Roy Dixon Williams, on 11th March 1961 - to 'all their friends', surrounded by flowers on a table indoors.

A page boy and bridesmaid are seen in the garden with an Airedale terrier. Wedding guests get into their cars. Grace leaves home accompanied by a younger woman (possibly Rachel's cousin) wearing a tall black hat. They get into the family car (a Humber, reg. UNN 359) and drive off. Wedding gifts are laid out on a table in a room. Rachel leaves her house escorted by her father.

The terraced street is packed with cars, and a crowd is outside watching. Several policemen direct the traffic. Guests arrive, all very smartly dressed, walking under the canopied entrance to the church, with crowd of locals watching and laughing. Finally, the bride arrives with her father and they pose for the camera.

The hymns sheet is shown. Inside the guests sing a hymn, followed by the address. Once the ceremony is over the newlywed couple leave the Church and pose for photographs. They get into their wedding car covered in confetti. The family and guests follow.

At the reception at Kenwood Hall the newlyweds greet the guests as they queue to give their blessing. Waiters stand holding drinks trays, and people mingle, whilst the newlyweds pose for more photos. The reception dinner is a large affair, with row upon row of guests seated at candlelit tables. The couple cut the cake. Toasts and speeches are made, including Charles making a speech. Outside again, the couple leave in a blue Jaguar as friends throw confetti and wave.