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YFA 6318



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This amateur film by Walter Gill records a visit to Raby Castle in County Durham with a group of amateur artists.  The film features exterior views of the castle as well as scenic shots of the neighbouring village Staindrop.  

Title: Raby Castle and Staindrop

The opening shows a stone wall surrounded by trees, followed by a roadside sign advertising Raby Gardens, with a list advertising tomato plants, roses, trees and pot plants. A notice below that lists the opening times for Raby Castle.

Standing next to a parked car, a group of people talk amongst themselves.  There is a brief shot of a row of terraced cottages followed by another notice showing the opening times for the castle.

The imposing Raby Castle is photographed from two different views. Walter Gill ispictured wearing a baseball cap and smoking a pipe with the group.  Cows cross a long driveway which runs through the estate.  

The group of visitors pick up bags and coats they've unloaded from their cars.

There is more footage of Raby Castle where crowds of visitors make their way along one of the estate roads towards the castle's imposing gateway with a portcullis.  Next, the filmmaker shows the extent of the castle buildings with magnificent mature trees surrounding it.

One of the visitors has set up an easel in order to draw or paint. Another sits down with her artwork on her lap and paintbrushes in hand. The artist with the easel gets to work on her painting. General views show the landscape around the castle and other artists at work. One man kneels in front of his easel to paint. More general views follow of the castle and surrounding woodland. Another artist concentrates on her painting which she has on her lap. Two women compare their finished pictures as they stand near their cars.

Some sheep graze in the shade of a tree, and there is a road sign for the village of Staindrop. There are scenes of the village, the large church of St Mary's, and South Green where toddlers play football. There is more footage filmed from the side of the village main road.  The film ends on a view of a large tree.

Title: The End