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YFA 4923



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Made by York-based filmmaker Paul Richardson, this film captures part of the Queen’s visit to York on Thursday, 5th April, 2012.  Fifteen thousand people reportedly packed into York’s city centre for this visit.  Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Beatrice of York, Queen Elizabeth II was cheered by huge crowds at Micklegate Bar, the portion of the visit which is featured in this film. 

The film begins with a brief test shot in an office.  Next, large crowds have gathered just outside Micklegate Bar on this sunny day.  The crowds are held back behind metal barriers, and many spectators have decided to watch from the surrounding buildings, peering out the large first story windows.  The city has been decorated with Union Jacks, balloons, and plenty of bunting, and many people in the crowd wave flags.  There is a shot of a folk band dressed in traditional costume, and local dignitaries including the Lord Mayor stand awaiting the Queen’s arrival.  Council boss Kersten England is also present.  She is wearing a special wig and cape, and she is the first female town clerk to welcome a monarch to the city since the civic role was created some 200 years ago.

The police escort arrives.  Two policemen on motorcycles lead the procession, and the Queen’s car follows closely behind.  The crowd cheers upon her arrival, and the Queen gets out of the car which has stopped in front of the Bar.  She is greeted by the historic Sigismund Sword and must officially ask permission of the Lord Mayor to enter the City of York.  She is followed by Prince Philip and Lord Crathorne. 

On the other side of Micklegate Bar, there are large crowds cheering and waving flags.  The buildings have been decorated as well.  There is a close-up of the Queen, and behind her, there is a group of men in costume.  They all bow their heads in the Queen’s presence.

The filmmaker captures some images of the crowd, many of whom hold their cameras up high in order to try and get a picture of Queen Elizabeth II.  The Queen walks a little further down the street before she gets back into her car to continue the tour of York.