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YFA 4148



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This film shows Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh's visit to print machinery manufacturers R.W. Crabtree & Sons factory in South Leeds on October 17th 1958. This film was narrated by the Yorkshire Film Company in a newsreel style for the firm.

Title-The Queen's visit to R.W. Crabtree & Sons Ltd.

The film opens with a shot of a hand opening a booklet with the title `Visit of Her Majesty the Queen & His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh' written on the front. The hand opens the booklet and turns some of the pages to reveal photographs of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The narrator speaks about the build-up to the visit, and as he does, one of the photographs in the booklet fades to become actual film footage.

Crowds of people wave flags are lined up inside and outside the factory. Several policemen are lined up along the street, and the Royal car pulls up outside the factory. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are accompanied by members of the Royal house, and according to the narrator, the Lord Mayor and Mayoress.

The Queen is greeted by the factory owner, and she follows him into the building. Inside, the Royals stand and greet the factory shareholders and their wives. They are given a tour of the factory, and the Queen is brought into one of the machinery departments and shown a printer. The owner explains the different parts to her. Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh walks around the factory with another man. The narrator explains that the man that the Queen is speaking to now has been working at the factory for 63 years. She meets some more factory workers.

The owner brings the Queen to see other printing machines while the operators stand around and watch. The narrator then talks about the department that makes cylinder parts for the printers. The Queen takes a closer look, and a photographer is visible in the background. The Duke of Edinburgh and another member of the touring party follow a short way behind.

The Queen walks through yet another department in the factory which is lined with employees and their families waiting to see her. She is shown parts of a machine that, according to the narrator, will be sent to New Zealand and Jamaica. The manager then shows her a drawing of what the completed machines will look like.

As the Queen heads towards the factory exit, the waiting crown applauds, and the Queen smiles and nods at them. The Duke of Edinburgh also nods and smiles at the cheering crowd. They both shake hands with the factory owner and get into the Royal car which then drives off.

The crowds leave the factory and walk down the road. The final shot is of the hand closing the booklet.

Title-The End. A White Rose Film Produced by the Yorkshire Film Co. Ltd.