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NEFA 21082



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This amateur film shows the Queen's route down Northumberland Street during her visit to Newcastle in October 1954 and the return of the FA Cup in the hands of the triumphant Newcastle United football team in 1955.

The opening shot shows a Union Jack flying from a flagpole. The film then cuts to a high angle shot of a Rolls Royce limousine travelling along Northumberland Street. Next diesel buses, trolley buses and general traffic travel along Northumberland Street. Crowds gather down Northumberland Street in anticipation of the royal visit.

The film cuts to focus on the occupants of rooms or offices above the shop front of 'William Cooper'. General views follow of groups of onlookers making up the crowd. A few take the initiative of using small wooden boxes or crates on which to stand for a better view. A general view follows of the crowds outside British Home Stores. Crowds gather outside the premises of other shops on Northumberland Street, such as 'Bacons' and 'Paige'.

At a junction on the east side of Northumberland Street [Northumberland Road?] a small red truck drives up behind the crowd which has now spread across the junction with Northumberland Street. A number of men climb on to the truck to take advantage of the view over the heads of the crowd.

General views follow of the crowd and of shop and office workers above the British Home Stores entrance looking out of the upper storey windows at the scene below.

A sports car drives past heading south down Northumberland Street, driven by a uniformed police[?] officer who waves to the crowds. More general views of the crowds follow.

The film cuts to a view north down Northumberland Street as the Royal convoy of limousines makes its way down. The crowds wave and cheer as the Queen passes by. The Queens car waves from the back seat of the royal car. The official party in their cars continues south along Northumberland Street, the pavements either side of the road packed with onlookers.

After the cars have passed, the crowd takes up the whole of Northmberland Street as they all try to follow the royal party's progress. Looking north the scene is similar as the mass of people moves slowly down the street. A Triumph sports drives past occupied by two policemen[?]

In fading light, the buses and cars return to Northumberland Street, however official parades still seem to be taking place as a brass band heads north down Northumberland Street followed by a parade of soldiers and armoured vehicles. The daylight at this time is gradually giving way to the neon lights of shops and other premises.

The following sequence records the return home of Newcastle United with the FA Cup in 1955.  A high angle shot taken from a balcony or window at the County Hotel on Neville Street opposite Newcastle's Central Station records the crowd gathering on both sides of the street. General views of the crowds follow and a man wearing a black and white (Newcastle colours) evening suit walks by, making his way through the crowds and chatting occasionally with policemen.

More general views follow of the crowds. Posters in the background outside Central Station advertise specially priced railway excursions.

The film cuts to a shot of a woman in high spirits dancing amongst the crowd waving a small flag.

A long shot through the station portico shows the open topped coach waiting outside the railway station entrance. As the Newcastle team climb on board, the FA Cup is held up and glints in the sunlight. The coach leaves the station preceded by an open lorry. The coach emerges into bright sunlight with the team clearly visible on the upper deck. They hold aloft the FA Cup and the crowds go wild. The cavalcade heads east down Neville Street with two lines of policemen following the coach.

The film ends with the crowds following their heroes down Neville Street.