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YFA 3185



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This is a film which documents a portion of the Queen's visit to Hull and her stop at the Newland Estate.

The film opens with a sign for Kingston upon Hull, a shot of the Union Jack, and an opening title - Visit of HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh to Kingston-upon-Hull 18 May 1957
There are workers on scaffolding setting up lots of decorations in Queen Victoria Square, around the city centre, and at Town Hall.

At the train station, the Queen and Price arrive and are greeted by head members of the city including the Lord Mayor as well as a group of police for security. There is also a red carpet laid out for their arrival.

Outside the Royal Station Hotel an armed guard is lined up and ready for the inspection of the Queen.

Hanging on the fence at the Newlands Estate are banners which read "Your Majesty We Are Proud to Welcome You." All members of the society are lined up along the roadway through the estate to welcome the Queen. Many of them are carrying union jacks and flags with patriotic colours. The seaman band marches though, and the Queen and Prince arrive in a car. The door is opened and a little boy dressed as a pirate (11 yr old Danish boy Anton Nealson) presents the Queen with two gifts for her children. Other children can be seen in the background. Those in wheelchairs who are disabled or ill are lined up in the front lines. When the Queen leaves, there is a banner on the way out which reads, "Goodbye Thank You for Coming."

Away from the estate, there is a parade and marching band. The navy men are lined up in the street and the Queen walks by again for inspection. There is a procession to the docks where the Queen says her goodbyes and is escorted by a smaller boat to her ship which is waiting nearby. The docks and beach are lined with spectators who wave as the Queen leaves.

The film closes with an end title.
Photography and Productin by Det. Sgt. WE Jacketts (Kingston upon Hull City Police)
Assisted by Norman Harrison, Charles Gorden Stewart, Peter McLeavy