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YFA 819



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This film documents the Royal visit to Bradford which took place on 28th October, 1954. The film includes scenes of the city centre decorated for the event as well as visits to the football ground and meeting with local dignitaries.

The film opens with a shot of a programme followed by a Union Jack. Following this is footage of the Town Hall and Bradford city centre which is decorated for the Royal visit. Crowds have gathered in anticipation, and they wave flags. There is a quick shot of Royal cars approaching followed by footage of the waiting crowds. Local dignitaries have gathered, a band is playing, and soldiers are on parade as more dignitaries arrive. The Queen arrives and inspects the soldiers. She is then greeted by Bradford dignitaries, during which time the Queen also receives a bouquet of flowers. There are more presentations and shots of the large crowd before the Royals drive through the city. After which, the crowds begin to disperse.

Children and young people await the Queen's arrival at the football ground. There is a close-up of brass band which is playing and being conducted by a female conductor. There are groups of children and teachers in the crowd. The Royal standard is attached to an open-topped Land Rover, and the school children wave flags in celebration. There is a close-up of a boy and girl who are to be presented to Queen. The Royal couple arrive and are slowly driven around the edge of the pitch in the Land Rover, and the children are presented to the Queen. After the presentation, the Queen and Prince are seated on a podium. They then drive around the field one last time before leaving. There is a close-up of the smiling Queen, and the children continue to wave on.

Sign - J. Cawthra and Co Ltd. Preparations are made for the Queen's arrival, and Bradford city police control the crowds in the street. The Mayor's car arrives followed by the Royal car. There are presentations, and the Queen enters the building along with the dignitaries. After a tour of the facilities, they can all be seen leaving the premises. The film closes with the Royal standard lowered from Cawthra's flag post.