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YFA 5598



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The Queen and Prince Philip arrive in Hull as part of the Royal Silver Jubilee tour in 1977. The Queen is seen smiling and taking flowers from well-wishers. 

The film opens with a shot of a baby girl in pink with a dummy in her mouth.

Next there is a bustling street scene with lots shops and coloured bunting.  The shop front ‘Scene and Heard’ can be seen.  It is the Queen’s Silver Jubilee visit to Hull on the 13th July, 1977.

There is a close shot of the Queen smiling in a lilac outfit with matching flowery hat.  She receives flowers from a young girl with red hair.  In another shot Prince Phillip can be seen talking to officials,, and there are lots of Union Jack flags on display.  The street has been cordoned off by police, and from this vantage point there is a clear view as the royal motorcade approaches.

A ship perhaps the Royal Yacht Britannia is seen at port decorated in flags of the world and Union Jacks.  The gangway is guarded by a guard dressed in sailor attire.  A rotund man can be seen casting two fishing rods as part of a ceremonial role.  A helicopter can then be seen taking off.

The film then cuts to an altogether different scene in a suburban lounge a young girl in red dungarees is fumbling as she takes her first unaided steps.