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NEFA 20551



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A home movie by Captain G W Purvis documenting family Christmas celebrations, wintery and springtime weather, and a portion of Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee visit to Newcastle: her arrival on the HMY Britannia, and her motorcade passing through a city street.

Title card of robin.

Title: 1976

Close-up view of a calendar showing the month of December 1976, with 25th circled in red pen.

Title: Christmas Greetings

Title: Wishing You A Merry Christmas

View of two young girls and an elderly woman (possibly the girls' grandmother) sitting on a sofa in the sitting room. Nearby, a decorated Christmas tree with wrapped presents laid underneath. Brief shot of the family eating a meal.

Brief shot of the Queen, filmed off the television.

Family scenes and Christmas celebrations. Some of the family wear paper party hats. A young woman, possibly the mother of the family, holds two boxes - perhaps Christmas presents - of kitchen utensils up to the camera.

Title: 1977

Views of snow-covered landscapes.

A mother and daughter walk along a garden path. Views of spring flowers.

A little girl practises some ballet moves in the garden, she wears a pink-skirted ballet costume. View of a little girl practising roller skating.

Garden plants and flowers.

Various shots record a trip to London: Tower Bridge, Nelson's Column, Houses of Parliament, Merchant Navy Hotel, Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, ducks.

Title (text over a photograph of the Queen): Queen's Jubilee 1978

View of the mouth of the River Tyne, as the HMY Britannia, the Royal Yacht, navigates up the river. The ship is accompanied by a Royal Navy warship. Views of the Royal Yacht moored alongside the Newcastle quayside.

Shots of an international folk festival underway: street dancing, and flag parading (Chinese, French, Swedish, Norwegian). The Queen and Prince Philip stand up on the back of a Land Rover, waving as it passes crowds of Union Flag-waving people. Brief view of a Ghurka sword dance.

Various footgae follows at the filmmaker's home, of two little girl wearing gaudy Jubilee-inspired pretend crowns.

Brief shots of still family photographs.

Close-up of a calendar, looking at December 1977.

Two little girls play with dolls and toys on the floor; an older woman sits on a chintz-patterned armchair. Views of a Christmas meal, and family gathering.

Views of snow-covered landscapes.

A little girl poses in several different costumes or outfits.

Shot of spring flowers.

A little girl performs ballet or gymnastics on the carpet.

More shots of flowers follow.

A little girl dances in the garden.