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YFA 3186



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This is a short film with two parts, the first briefly documenting the Queen's visit to Hull in 1957 and the Visit of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma in 1956.

The film opens with the Queen's car driving though the Newland crowd-lined street. 11 year old Danish boy dressed as a pirate, Anton Nealson, presents two sea bags for the royal children.

The next portion of the film opens with a title - Visit of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma to the Newland homes of the Sailors' Children's Society 17 May, 1956.
Flags are strung up around the estate, and the Countess arrives in a car at the main entrance. She enters the estate with members of the press following closely behind. There is a general meet and greet with the directors of the society, and the Countess takes a tour of the premises. The children present her with a framed picture.
The Sir Titus Slat Home 1896 - there the Countess signs the log book. On the grounds, all the school children are playing outside, and all members of the society line up for a large group picture with the Countess in the centre. After the picture, a small girl presents here with a bouquet of flowers. The Countess then gets back in her car and leaves after saying her goodbyes.