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The Queen and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visit the ICI factory at Wilton during the royal tour of Teesside on 4th June 1956 and are greeted by crowds of celebrating men, women, and children.

Title: Wilton Council presents The Queen at Wilton [over views of the ICI factory at Wilton]

Title: The Visit of H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh to the Wilton Works of I.C.I Ltd. during the Royal Tour of Tees-side June 4th 1956 [over views of the ICI factory at Wilton]

Credits [over views of the ICI factory at Wilton]:

Produced by I.C.I Film Unit
Commentator Richard Dimbleby

An overhead view records grids of factory units stretching to the horizon, pierced by two tall chimneys.

A stand, filled with spectators, is decorated with draped decorative swags and ropes. Sir Alexander Fleck, Mrs Hughes (former Chairman of Billingham Division), and Dr Higson and Mrs Higson arrive and take their seats in the stand. The Royal Standard is run up a flagpole above the power station. The royal convoy of black cars makes its way around Wilton's Piccadilly Circus roundabout and approaches. Members of the crowd, lining the road, wave Union Flags and cheer the Queen and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, as they pass by in an open-backed car on the way to the Terylene Plant.

Sir William Worsley, Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire, salutes the royal car as it pulls up at the Terylene Plant.  Members of management and their guests applaud from a covered stand.  The Queen steps out of the royal car, dressed in an off-white coat with a blue dress and hat.

Local dignitaries are presented to the Queen: the Mayor and Town Clerk of Redcar, the Chairman and Clerk of Guisborough Urban District Council and their wives. ICI dignitaries are then introduced: the Chairman presents Mr Scott, Mr Wright, Dr Alfred Caress, Mr McEntee, Dr Davis, and George Hart. The same people then meet the Duke of Edinburgh, watched by their colleagues and families.

The royal party inspect an exhibition of ICI products and end uses at the entrance. There are close-ups of two pairs of Perspex welders' goggles. The Queen is then escorted by Sir Alexander Fleck and Dr. Caress into the Terylene Plant.  The Duke of Edinburgh follows behind with Mr Wright, then Mr. Scott, Sir William Worsley, Dr Davis and Lady Worsley. George Hart then enters with the Duke of Edinburgh's equire and the rest of the party.

As the camera is not allowed to film the walk-about, further close-ups of the exhibits are shown: coloured spheres of “moulding powders”, Perspex, (the first product ever made on the ICI Wilton site), and the British synthetic fibre, Terylene.

The Queen and Alexander Fleck re-appear in the exhibition space. The Queen signs a VIP visitor's book at a table framed by laurel garland displays.  A close-up of the pink hydrangeas also on display follows. Queen Elizabeth chats with Alexander Fleck whilst waiting for Prince Philip to appear. High angle shot of the stands full of guests. The Duke is now seated at the table and attempts to sign the book using his own pen. Close-up of the royal signatures.

The royal couple shake hands with various dignitaries. They get back in the royal car to depart.  Group portrait of four young girls waving flags, dressed in their best summer dresses. The royal cavalcade makes its way slowly through the Wilton site cheered by the flag-waving ICI workers and their families, lining the route.  High angle shot of the chemical works with the Cleveland Hills in background as the royal car drives through. The cars pass the Brine Reservoir, and the Chlorine and Titanium plants. Another travelling shot documents scores of Union Flag wavers. From a distance, the crowd can be seen spilling out into the road to keep the royal car in sight.

The film cuts to a panoramic view of the petroleum plants. The royal procession heads south down Central Avenue and onto Piccadilly Circus, the hub of the chemical works, en route to a visit to the Dorman Long’s Lackenby works.

The Royal Standard is lowered from the mast. General view of the crowds dispersing.

View of the Wilton site stretching away towards the Cleveland Hills.

End Title: ICI