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YFA 2588



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A film of Queen Elizabeth's visit to York in 1972, showing her walking down the bottom of Micklegate where crowds have gathered to greet her when the Queen distributed the Royal Maundy.

The film begins with a close up of children and adults standing on the pavement behind a rope 'fence' waiting for the Queen. Some are laughing and waving Union Jacks. Then the whole street is seen, both sides lined with onlookers. The Queen walks down the street, preceded by a mace bearer and a sword bearer, and followed by a group of dignitaries. The Queen, wearing a lilac outfit, stops to talk with someone in a wheelchair. Then, escorted by the Mayor in full regalia, the Queen chats with some children standing on the side. She receives a small bouquet from one of them. The Queen is then given an envelope from a woman in the crowd. Lastly, Prince Philip is seen pointing at something high up and joking with the crowd.