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YFA 239



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This film contains footage from a May Day festival celebrations that were held in Tickhill. There are many shots of the floats that were highly decorated as well as the May Queen that was carried along on one of them.

The film opens on a main street in Tickhill, near Doncaster, which is lined with hundreds of people all watching a red Rools Royce flying the Royal Standard as it drives towards them. They wave flags and watch as the car drives past and then the crowd starts to move.  This is most probably the Queen while on a tour of South Yorkshire.

There are trucks decorated with flags, flowers and bunting and they drive down the road past `The Milestone Hotel'. Then there are shots from different parts of the town showing all of the decorated poles, buildings, and sets of steps covered in flowers.

In a field a crowd have gathered and are watching two girls sitting on a pole and trying to knock each other off with pillows; there are also sprinting races, sack races, and other games for children of all ages. The camera has positioned itself at the end of the track and from there takes shots of the girls' egg and spoon race.

In another section of the field a wooden frame has been erected and apples have been tied to string and young boys try to take a bite of the apple without using their hands. They also take part in an assault course where they crawl under nets on the ground.

Back on the streets of the town, two open back trucks are decorated with flags and bunting, and they carefully reverse onto a main street; women and children sit in the back wearing fancy dress. There are other floats in different parts of the town with people on them wearing costumes; there are princesses and princes, knights and clowns.

The floats drive slowly down the road in procession and a lot of people line the streets to watch as they go by. There are shots of the floats taken from different angles on the street and there are more shots taken from the town square which take in all of the people, floats and buildings. A policeman directs the floats around the square.

In the next scene, young boys and girls in fancy dress dance around the Maypole. A huge crowd of people watch them. Back on the main street some men in fancy dress carry a large drum across the road and wave at the camera. This is followed by shots of a brass band marching down the main street with flag bearers and a huge crowd of people walking after them. Then there are shots of some children wheeling each other along the road in wheel barrows and then stopping at a table that has been set up with glasses of orange.

There is a shot taken from one end of the main street looking down towards a crowd of cyclists; they speed past the camera and down the road in the opposite direction.

The next shot is a close-up shot of three young women sitting at the top of a float in dresses and holding bunches of flowers. The camera moves to show a young boy and some other girls on chairs also on the float. The shot then cuts to a woman holding a crown over the head of one of the women from the float, she has just been crowned May Queen. The float drives away and the camera gets shots of all of the people on it and the hundreds of flowers decorating it. The final shot is of another float with some women in dresses and holding flowers.