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YFA 4516



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This film documents the opening of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Headquarters, in Bradford, by the Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. The film documents the Queen's arrival, and the unveiling of several plaques that have been commissioned to commemorate the occasion. The Queen is then taken on a tour of the new facilities, visiting command centres, lecture theatres and recreational areas. The filmmaker has unrestricted access to the event capturing the Queen in quite intimate fashion.

The film opens with a shot of a sign outside the headquarters that reads 'West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Bradford Area Headquarters'. An elevated shot shows the architecture of the new premises and the surrounding area from a high position. There are then views of a water fountain on the site, before the filmmaker captures a policeman talking to a man, while a large crowd can be seen gathered behind them. The camera then pans across to show a gazebo outside the headquarters, and many guest can be seen below it.

A procession of schoolchildren in ceremonial robes walk past the camera, and this is followed by views of the waiting crowd, many of whom wave small Union Jack flags. More shots of the crowd show that it is raining, with many holding umbrellas and wearing waterproofs.

The next sequence opens with more views of the waiting crowd and policemen (on foot and horseback) patrolling the area. The Queen's car arrives; a man holds an umbrella and she steps out into the road wearing a long red coat and hat ensemble. A flag is then shown, which signals the Queen arrival, and more shots capture the Queen as she stands before the crowds with the Lord Mayor, who makes a speech (presumably announcing her arrival), as views captures various civil servicemen saluting. From an elevated position the filmmaker captures the Queen as she walks along, meeting the crowds and photos being taken of her by the fountain area - again with the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

The Queen and the Lord Mayor walk to the gazebo followed by an entourage of senior officials and Royal representatives. Reaching a microphone podium, they stop and each makes a brief speech while photographers take pictures, and a highly decorated serviceman is also visible mingling amongst the special guests. Once the speeches have concluded, the Queen unveils a plaque outside, and as she stands beside it, the inscription is clearly visible: 'This Civic Precinct was opened on 13 November 1974 by her Majesty the Queen'.

The Queen and the Lord Mayor of Bradford continue to talk as begin head towards the headquarters entrance. They stop briefly talking to some guests in the stands, and one particular shot captures the Queen laughing, before moving off with her bouquet. There are numerous shots of the crowd stationed behind the metal fences, as the Queen and her entourage move inside.

Inside the headquarters, the Queen stops to talk various senior members of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan police, and is presented with a bouquet of yellow flowers by a female officer. The Queen is then filmed chatting with a woman, while a group of children sit at her feet, and the children appear to be playing with puppets. The Queen, along with the Lord Mayor, is led round the building being shown the facilities and meeting more people who line up as she files down the row.

There is then a brief sequence which shows what a Victorian Police station would have looked like, and there are close up shots of various artefacts such as lamps, weapons and pictures.

The Queen is lead through a corridor and into the canteen, where she meets some of the lunch ladies and cooks. Officers are then filmed queuing up for lunch, while photographers take photos of the Queen. The headquarters bar is then shown, and many officers sit around drinking pints before the Queen is led in, and the bar now appears to have closed down. Next, the Queen meets more senior West Yorkshire Metropolitan police offices, before several shots show some of the recreational areas; several men play pool and Ping-Pong. Important guest, including royal representatives and dignitaries from Bradford (The Lord Mayor), then gather at the foot of a flight of steps, standing around talking.

The Queen is then led by senior officers into a command centre, where a man works at desks while the Queen watches from behind, being talked through the process by a senior officer. There are then close ups of computers, which some of the men are working at. More shots capture the Queen being shown round an office area, and a lecture theatre; many people are sat and filmmaker gets close ups of the people, many of whom are of various different ethnic backgrounds.

The Queen then takes a seat in the lecture theatre along with several other dignitaries, who listen to a lecture from a detective. There is then a close up of a board that reads 'Misuse of drugs act 1971 Sect. 23 (2)', and below this there are rules that apply to searching suspected offenders. Another board shows a spider diagram with various mug shots of criminals, and this is followed by shots of the Queen listening intently to the lecture.

Moving on, the Queen unveils another plaque in front of an audience, and as the curtain is removed she pulls away and beams broadly. A close up of the plaque shows that it reads 'This plaque commemorates the opening of the Bradford area headquarters West Yorkshire Metropolitan police by Her Majesty the Queen - 13 November 1974'. The Queen then sits at a desk signing a scroll; a close up of the scroll shows it reads 'This scroll commemorates the opening of the Bradford area Headquarters West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police by her Majesty the Queen on 13 November 1974 - (Queens Signature below).

The Queen then chats with various guests while many people crowd around her. Some shots in the crowd captures close ups of the Queens Entourage and senior officials. The Queen then exits the Headquarters, shaking hands with several people and again led past the crowds by the Lord Mayor. The queen stops to greet the civilians who have turned out. The Queen then waves from the entrance of a pillared building before entering her car along with another woman. The car drives away, and there are shots of the crowd waving in the background. A motorcycle rider leads the motorcade through a street in Bradford, past the crowds who then begin to disperse.