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YFA 5711



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This is one of a collection of films made by members of the Selby Cine Club and features the Queen Mother’s visit to Selby in 1976.  It focuses on her attendance of a special Thanksgiving service held at Selby Abbey on 14th July.  This was part of a joint celebration of the recent restoration of the Abbey, and of the 2nd centenary anniversary of American Independence.

Title – Selby Cine Club Presents:  (Text for the Thanksgiving service is reproduced explaining the double celebration.)

Title – A Day to Remember

The service begins with the singing of the battle hymn for American Independence.  It is stated the Abbey had a connection to America through the John Washington Window which contains the Heraldic arms of the Washington family and thought to be the origin of the American flag.  The connection is explained in the commentary.

Outside the Abbey the crowd waits behind a cordon, with children waving Union Jack flags.  Military officers and other dignitaries nearby await the arrival of the Queen Mother, who duly arrives to cheers.  Inside, the trumpeter for the Royal Signals welcomes the Queen Mother, who makes her way to the front and takes her seat.  It is explained that after the fire of 1906, which damaged the Abbey, an American flag has hung under the Window, and now this is being replaced with the new one, being carried by the US Attaché.  

After the service they leave the Abbey in procession, and the Queen Mother signs the visitor’s book.  Outside the Queen Mother is presented with a bouquet of flowers by Leslie Johnson, a nursing cadet with the St John’s Ambulance.  The Queen Mother goes to a local hotel to meet members of the council.  Among those waiting outside are twin babies in a pram.  The Queen Mother then gets into the Royal helicopter and is whizzed off.