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YFA 2018



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The following is a British Gaumont newsreel which documents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's trip to Sheffield in 1954.

Title - Royal Tour The Queen in Yorkshire

The film begins with shots of Barnsley station as the Royal steam train arrives. The Royals are greeted by the Earl of Scarborough the Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding. The film then shows cheering crowds as the Queen arrives at the centre of Barnsley. She is introduced to a miner and a glass worker, two of the major industries in Barnsley. She receives a commemorative piece of coal. The Queen is next seen in Rotherham and is presented with a bouquet at the Town Hall. Huge crowds gather to cheer the Queen, the commentary explaining approximately 50,000 people.

The Queen and Prince Phillip are then seen in Sheffield meeting the Lord Mayor, John Bingham. The Royal motorcade is then filmed at Hillsborough Football Stadium. She is in an open topped car and there are thousands of cheering crowds in attendance. Excellent crowd shots and sound. The next shots are in the city's largest steel making factory. There are shots of molten steel and forges.

The Pathe news reel begins with Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and Prince Phillip at Hillsborough. They are watching 100|s of school children form the Union Jack in a synchronised march. The commentary explains that 40,000 people have gathered.

The Queen then visits the British Steel Corporation works, and there are shots inside the foundry. This is followed by long shots of molten steel and the foundry at work. In 1953, there were 10,000 people employed in the steel factories. The film ends with rousing music as the commentary informs the viewer of the importance of industry in Sheffield.