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YFA 2102



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A film made by Dewsbury Amateur Cine Club, this film was taken as a record of the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to Dewsbury on 28th October, 1954. The film includes footage of the preparation for the event, various servicemen and women who were involved, the arrival of the Royals at the train station, and introductions to the various dignitaries of Dewsbury.

Title - Royal Welcome
Title - The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Dewsbury 28th October, 1954.

The film opens with scenes of the preparations taking place for the visit. Workmen set up scaffolding, and the streets are decorated with bunting. There are many flags and decorations including flags celebrating some on the industry of Dewsbury: Coal Mining, Wool and Shoddy.

Children arrive to line the route to greet the Royals. There are policemen patrolling and helping to organize the crowd. The children wave flags and wave to the camera. A few still photographers can also be seen walking around with their cameras. Members of the armed services begin to arrive. There is also a group of nurses which line up along the route. Navy cadets arrive and march into formation. They are followed by other police and military personnel. Some men are on horseback, and the whole town centre is filled by the crowd. Some older women are seated on chairs at the front of the crowd. They are wrapped in a blanket to help keep them warm. A brass band begins to process, and workmen roll out a red carpet for the Queen.

Dignitaries and other invited guests begin to arrive. They all take their seats on a large stage which has been set up in the centre of town. The Lord Mayor arrives, and he gets into a car waiting near the stage. The convoy of cars makes its way to the train station where the Lord Mayor will greet the Queen. There is a shot of the Station Hotel, and there is also a crowd and brass band waiting near the station.

Sign - Dewsbury Central

The time on the clock tower reads 10am. The Royals come out of the main entrance to the station. They are accompanied by the Lord Mayor who directs them into one of the waiting cars. The cars then make their way to the centre of town and the large stage, possibly in front of the Town Hall. The Royals wave to the crowd as they make their way through town.

The Queen and Prince make their way to the front of the stage. The Queen is holding a large bouquet of flowers, and both she and the Prince are introduced to many of the guests on stage. This goes on for quite some time, and after which, the Royals get back into the car and head back to the train station. Again, they wave to the crowd as they do so. On the way to the station, a banner is visible: Long May She Reign.

Back on stage, the dignitaries and other invited guest process off the stage, and the surrounding crowd begins to disperse. The servicemen and women march away, and the policemen are also present to direct traffic. The people of Dewsbury continue about their day, many buying newspapers and visiting local shops.

Title - The End
Title - Produced by the Dewsbury Amateur Cine Society
Title - Camera G Austin, M Craig, A Nunn, A E Boyce
Sound Joanna Fogden
Directed, Titled and Edited by 'BLOGGS'