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YFA 2282



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This reel consists of a number of advertisements for Quality Street Chocolates from 1955-1956. The product was launched in 1936 by Halifax confectioner Mackintosh and has become an extremely popular Christmas purchase. These advertisements include "The Mayor" and "Miss" as well as the later Quality Street Gang. Unlike some of its other products, the slogan for Quality Street had changed with each ad campaign.

Slogans contained in this reel include:
"Never say no to Mackintosh's Quality Street."
"Enjoy the luxury of Quality Street."
"There's no stopping you with Quality Street."
"Quality Street, have some today."
"Every week Quality Street, Quality Street."
"Nothing pleases people like Quality Street at Christmas."
"Quality Street goes down BIG with families."
"This is the gang."
"They're a sweet bunch of characters."
"Make friends with the Quality Street gang, they're a sweet bunch of characters."
"What's your favourite, favourite?"