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NEFA 21408



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A battle of the sexes plays out on a remote country road in this sixties amateur comedy drama. Two resilient female protagonists resort to self-help to mend a puncture when their would-be rescuers prefer to hedge their bets on the outcome. The film was photographed by Walter Clark and directed by Keith Venn, members of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA).  

Title: V & C Films

Titles: The Puncture

Credit: with Sylvia Harding, Alice Thompson, Keith Venn and Richard Steel

Credit: Cameraman Walter Clark. Director Keith Venn

A car comes to a wobbly halt on a remote country road. The car has a flat tyre. The female driver gets out of the car, looks at the flat and gives it a kick. She gets the tyre jack from the boot and begins to attach it to the car, her friend getting out to help.

Another car heads towards them on the road. The women look hopeful and think the car’s going to stop but it drives right by, the two men peering out at the women. The car pulls up further along the road. The driver opens the door and looks back at the women with a puncture, but just closes the car door and remains inside. The women give a disgusted look.

The two women work together to finish jacking the car, collecting the spare tyre from the boot. Meanwhile, the two men are having a discussion in their car. The passenger winds down his window and peers back at the two women who continue to change the tyre. The men continue to chat in the car, the driver laughing. Close-up of the woman driver unscrewing the last wheel nut and taking off the flat tyre. Brief shot of the men still staying put in their car. The women change the tyre without a problem, the male driver grinning with his friend in their car. The woman driver looks back at the men’s car, then continues to finish the job, jacking down the car.

The male driver now walks over to the women and hands the driver a wad of bank notes, explaining they’d made a bet.

Title: “I bet him you’d manage and think you deserve the winnings.”

Outraged, the woman slaps the man’s face.

Title: The End