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YFA 1148



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Part of the West Yorkshire Police Collection, this film is a record of officer training at the Dewsbury Gasworks in 1979. Officers, equipped with riot shields, work in formation in order to subdue groups of demonstrators at the gasworks.

Sign - NEGAS Dewsbury Hydrocarbon Reforming Works

There is a shot of the facilities in the distance, and there is a fence around the buildings. The gasworks are surrounded by rolling fields in which cows graze. Inside the fence, protesters sit on the pavement.

The police exit a bus. They are equipped with riot gear, and holding their shields and standing shoulder to shoulder, the officers move towards the protesters. Some of the protesters begin to throw bricks or rocks and the police officers moving towards them. Some officers break from formation to arrest and remove some of the protesters. Some of the men in the crowd carry signs with sayings such as, "We Want to Work", and "Work Not Dole." Again, from a different angle, the police officers can be seen moving in different types of formation towards the demonstrators. A man throws a block of wood, and others are detained.

Now seen from ground level, the police force still moves forward. At this point, a group of the protestors begin to retreat. There are some men on the roof of the facilities, and they throw objects at the police. The final section of the film demonstrates how to enter a building when being attacked from up top. Information, the police hold the shields over their head, and together make their way up to the door. One by one they enter while the others cover all angles.