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YFA 4529



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This film captures police constables practicing riot control manoeuvres. Dressed in full riot gear, the officers play out a simulation that involves suppressing stone throwing rioters using riot shields.

The film opens in a large hanger, where, officers in riot gear use hold shields to protect themselves from a barrage of stones being hurled at them by a group of men playing the roles of rioters. After the first barrage, the rioters gather yet more stones preparing for the second wave. The officers in riot gear then move forward slowly in a tight unit. They position their shields in a tortoise formation, protecting the front and heads as stones are lobbed overhead. The pretend rioters hurl more stones at the advancing unit, and, when close enough, some of the riot police break cover and rush out to grab the protestors, before hauling them behind the shields. The officers then practice retreating, as once again the pretend rioters throw rocks.

The same manoeuvres are then practised again several times, and the filmmaker captures the simulation from several different angles. The film ends with the police in riot gear breaking formation.