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This film documents a series of religious processions that took place in Leeds during the 1940s.

Title | 1942

The film opens with lines of people in procession and a banner declaring "God Bless the Pope" on it. Young girls dressed as maids of honour parade down the street and a religious figurine is carried by pallbearers, followed by women in veils and vicars.

Title | 1943
Sunday May 9th 6.15 p.m.

The same banner can be seen again, this time being blown by a ferocious wind. One vicar carries a cross at the front of the procession, followed by the 'Queen' whose train is held by page boys. The maids of honour carry bouquets and all clasp their hands as in prayer. This is followed by an animation of a lightning bolt.

Title | "Further outlook unsettled"

Title | Sunday May 23rd 6.15 p.m.

The procession is taking place again, with vicars and choir boys leading the Queen and her bridesmaids. The effigy is transported in the same manner as the earlier procession.

Title | 1944

The next sequence shows another procession with the same banner and once again the vicar and choirboys lead the parade. A marching band then files past followed by the Queen and her retinue. Schoolboys in smart uniforms are then followed by girl guides, the effigy and more women in white veils.

Title | 1945

Another procession takes place, and there are shots of the Queen for the day, her maids, as well as schoolboys wearing large rosettes. The effigy is carried and more clergymen and religious orders follow.

Title | 1946

Another procession takes place that the locals have turned out to see head down the street. Outside a church the large crowd listens to speeches.

Title | 1947

In colour, the 1947 procession takes place and the page boys and maids of honour assume the familiar roles on the parade. The effigy of the Virgin Mary is carried down the paved street followed by nuns in blue habits.

Back in black and white, the procession continues and the crowd, all in their Sunday best, join in the occasion. There is a "Knaptons" shop on the corner as the sombre procession carries on and the film comes to an end.

Title | 'The Eyes and Ears of the World'

Title | The End

Title | British Paramount News