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YFA 2184



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This is a film made by Brook Motors of Huddersfield that explains the principles of generating electric current as well as how single phase and three-phase motors operate and are made.

The film begins by demonstrating the principles of a current induction motor, showing the inside of the motor and the various parts. It then moves on to show how three-phase alternating current is made, beginning by showing the magnetic field. A current is produced by passing a conductor over the field, and an alternating current can also be produced. This is the type of current electricity plants produce. It goes on to show how three-phase current. In the machine the three conductors are fixed, and the magnet is rotated within them. Through the use of diagrams, it is shown how current relates to the magnet and how it changes direction. The parts of the motor are explained: the stator, the rotor, the shaft, the coil etc. A diagram shows induction with a stator and rota.

The film goes onto show how motors are made producing different currents by changing the number of conductors. Steel coils are inserted onto conductors in the manufacture, and the finished motor is tested. The direction of the motor is changed, from clockwise to anti-clockwise.
Using a particular farm as an example, this farmer only has a single phase current supply. The film explains single phase motors have capacitors shows how to use these. The film ends with a summary of the information covered. This is accompanied by footage of a woman working in a power station.

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