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YFA 142



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This film documents the visit of Princess Mary to Malton in 1928, an event for which most of the town has turned out to greet her.  Her visit includes the inspection of the Red Cross and Ambulance Brigade as well as the opening of the British Legion Club.   

The film opens with an explanatory sub-title page: 
Opening of the British Legion Club, Malton, by H.R.H. Princess Mary Viscountess Lascelles, Sept. 6th, 1928.

A brass band is playing and processing down a crowded street.  Following the band are war veterans and British Legion members.  All the men are wearing hats and displaying their medals on their lapels. 

Title:  ' Arrival of H.R.H. Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles' 

A procession of three cars arrive led by two men on horseback.  Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles step out to the waving crowds and are initially met by the local dignitaries. 

Title:  'Inspection of the Red Cross Detachments, Ambulance Brigade, and British Legion' 

Red Cross Nurses are lined up for the arrival, and one nurse curtseys upon meeting the Princess.  Princess Mary then continues the inspection moving onto the war veterans of the British Legion.  She also stops occasionally to speak to a few of the veterans.  She is followed closely by Viscount Lascelles and the other local dignitaries.   

Title:  'Civic Welcome by H. Gillespie, Esq. J.P., Chairman of the Urban Council' 

On stage, Princess Mary, Viscount Lascelles, and the other dignitaries sit facing the crowd.  They are smiling during the Chairman’s opening remarks.   

Title: ' Presentation of the Imperial Service Medal to Mr. Arthur Stockdale' 

Mr. Stockdale arrives on stage with another man who is holding a box containing the medal.  The Princess then presents and pins the medal onto Mr. Stockdale. 

Title:  'Address by Lord Middleton'
Title:   'Vote of thanks:  Col. W.H. Diggle, D.S.O.'
Title:  'Reply to vote of thanks:  Viscount Lascelles, K.G., D.S.O.' 

These title scenes are intercut with each of the men mentioned making their appropriate remarks.  After which, all the dignitaries leave the stage.  It is only then the filmmaker shows the huge crowd that has turned out for the event.  All of audience are seated in chairs placed into rows at this outside venue.  

Title:  'Inspection of the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts.' 

Here Princess Mary meets the girl guides, again stopping to talk occasionally to a few members of the group.   

Title:  'The Kiddies' 

The younger children of Malton have all lined up to meet the Princess.  They are dressed in their best clothing, and many of them have Union Jack flags which they wave for the camera.  Here, the film ends abruptly.