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This film documents a short portion of Princess Mary’s trip to Egypt where she inspected her regiment who were stationed in Cairo during the 1920s. The filmmaker has superb access to the event, and films Princess Mary in quite intimate fashion. The film also shows the great strength and discipline of the regiment, as they put on a spectacular display for Her Royal Highness.

Title – Princess Mary Countess Lascelles G.B.E inspects regiment in a sand storm’.

The film opens with an exterior shot of a building that has many tiers with domed roofs.

Title – The Royal Scots.

Title – …oes and drums play the “Fall in”.

The kilt wearing Royal Scots guards march with bag pipers and drummers, as they follow a lead soldier who twirls a baton around a courtyard.

Title – Greenfield, with Princess Mary’s banner.

A bag pipe player, with Princess Mary’s banner attached to his pipe, is focused on by the filmmaker.

Title – Major Allan with Regimental Banner.

A close up shows the banner which is attached to a bag pipe, before the band start to march again.

Title – Arrival of her Royal Highness.

Princess Mary wearing a brimmed hat and plaid skirt walks onto a platform and looks out across the courtyard.

Title – Royal Salute – Present Arms.

From a raised position, a mass of soldier have lined up in tight rows in the courtyard and they hold their rifles, which are fixed with bayonets.

Title – Section of the line – “D” Coy.

Princess Mary walks along the row of soldiers being led by senior military officials.

Title – H.R.H. speaks to L/c Ramage, D.C.M, M. M.

Princess Mary, now wearing dark sunglasses, stops to converse with a soldier before moving on to inspect the back row. The Princess is then led back to the sheltered platform, where a lingering shot captures her expression.

Title – March past by companies by the right.

An expansive view of the courtyard shows waves of soldiers marching in tight formation, led by a senior officer on horseback.

Title – …yes right – “A” Coy.

From a ground position, more soldiers wearing rimmed sun hats march past the camera.

Title – “B” Coy. And Colours.

Another company in lighter uniforms march past Princess Mary. Next, returning to the expansive view shows the vast numbers of soldiers taking part in the inspection.

Title – “Advance in close column by the left”.

A senior soldier on horseback wields a sword as he leads yet another large formation of soldiers across the courtyard.

Title – Taken from another angle “Eyes left”.

The soldiers, in even tighter formation, march back across the courtyard all with their heads turned left.

Title – “Lieut. J. Lennox Jamieson is presented with The Royal Humane society’s medal for a gallant attempt to save a life at sea”.

A soldier approaches the platform and salutes Princess Mary, who proceeds to pin a medal to his chest.

Title – Resuming the original alignment.

More soldiers march steadily into the courtyard.

Title – “Royal Salute” after advance in review order.

The soldiers line up and shift their rifles.

Title – Move to the right in column of Route.

In a column the soldiers march around the courtyard and pass by Princess Mary who stands.

Title – Marching past in column of route, followed by the regimental transport.

The column of soldiers again passes Princess Mary and there are also horses which drag.

Title – H.R.H. visits the quarters of Mrs Venning.

A woman with two young children stands in the doorway as Princess Mary leaves the building.  The Princess then walks through an arch lead by a senior official, and is followed by her entourage, which includes soldiers and other men in formal suits.

Title – Young Violet Read presents bouquet to her Highness.

A little girl wearing a floral dress and bonnet presents a bouquet of flowers to Princess Mary as exits her car.

Title – Leaving the quarters Mrs Brown and Mrs Mckay.

Princess Mary, still holding the bouquet, is lead into a courtyard by a soldier where children are playing.

Title – Leaving for Lunch at the Mess.

Princess Mary’s car follows a motorcycle outrider out of the complex.

Title – Au Revoir.

Children and women, wearing white bonnets and dresses, line up for the camera. The filmmaker captures many close ups of the children who stare at the camera with interest.

Title – H.R.G. with her officers.

The final shot shows an official still photograph with Princess Mary sitting in the middle of two rows of officers.

Title – Photographed by H.Helbawy, Cairo.

Title – With the compliments of Paramount news.