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This film documents a visit to Halifax by Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles in 1925. The film includes footage of the Royal couple at the Town Hall as well as Princess Mary's visit to the Royal Halifax Hospital children's ward.

Title - Visit of HRH the Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles to Halifax on Thursday 12th March, 1925. (Copyright of the Halifax Corporation.)

Title - Halifax Police Force.

This intertitle is followed by shots of the police seated for formal photographs.

Title - "It is indeed a tribute to the organisation of the police and a compliment to their forbearance and good nature that no accident or unpleasant event marred the happy and memorable day." (Vide Press)

Title - The Mayor of Halifax inspects the Police proceeding to line the Royal route.

The police, headed by a band, march to the Town Hall and await the arrival of the Royal party.

Title - Her Royal Highness Princess Mary paid a glorious visit to Halifax yesterday.

Title - The whole town turned out to greet her. The cheers that greeted the Royal Car as it turned into Crossley Street must have outrivalled [sic] any that had ever been heard before in the Borough. Old men, aged women, young people and children joined in.

Title - Arrival of the Princess and Viscount Lascelles.

Title - Viscount Lascelles inspects the Guard of Honour.

The couple are seen arriving at the Town Hall. As they step out of the car, Viscount Lascelles takes the salute. Princess Mary stands in conversation with the Mayor while Viscount Lascelles inspects the Guard of Honour. The soldiers are all lined up at attention with rifles resting on their shoulders. After the inspection, they march off in formation.

Title - Extract from address of Halifax Borough Council: "We pray that God's Blessing may rest upon your Royal Highness; that you may enjoy a long and happy life; that the peace which has been vouchsafed to us may be an abiding one; that our beloved country may become increasingly prosperous; and that as the years roll on, the people of this country and our glorious Empire may become more closely united in the bonds of friendship."

Title - Civic Representatives presented to the Princes, viz., His Worship the Mayor: (Alderman J.H. Waddington), and Mayoress of Halifax.

Each of the Civic dignitaries who are to be introduced to the Princess is filmed individually. Their image is preceded with an intertitle.

Title - the Recorder of Halifax: (Mr. J. Willoughby Jardine, K.C.)
Title - The Town Clerk of Halifax: (Mr. Percy Saunders.)
Title - The Chief Constable of Halifax: (Major A. H. Richardson.)
Title - Sir George henry Fisher -Smith, J.P. and Lady Fisher-Smith, J.P.
Title - Mr. James Parker, C.H. and Mrs. Parker.
Title - Alderman Howard Clay, J.P. and Mrs. Clay.
Title - Alderman Arthur William Longbottom, J.P. and Mrs. Longbottom.
Title - Alderman Robert Thomas, J.P. and Mrs. Thomas.
Title - Sir Frederick Whitley Whitley-Thomas, J.P. and Lady Whitley-Thomas
Title - William Henry Ingham, Esq., J.P.
Title - Alderman Arthur Llewellyn Whittaker, J.P.
Title - Councillor John Carter.
Title - Councillor Frank Slater, J.P.
Title - Alderman Edgar Smith.
Title - Councillor Rufus Stirk, O.B.E.
Title - Alderman Herbert Turner, J.P.

Title - The Princess leaving the Town Hall for Well Head.

Title - Viscount Lascelles leaving for the British Legion.

Both the Princess and the Viscount can be seen leaving the Town Hall for their engagements later on in the day. This is followed by shots of Scouts crowding the city streets of Halifax which are decorated with bunting. Some of the Scouts are carrying flags.

Title - The Royal Halifax Infirmary (Opened by H.M. The King in 1896.)

There is an exterior shot of the Infirmary.

Title - The President of the Royal Halifax Infirmary (F. Lee, Esq., J.P.) and Mrs. Lee.

The President and his wife stand outside awaiting the arrival of the Princess. There is a coat of arms above the entrance.

Title - Arrival of the Princess at the Royal Halifax Infirmary.

The Princess arrives in a car which pulls up to the entrance. She is greeted by the President and his wife.

Title - The Rt. Rev. Dr. Eden (Bishop of Wakefield) and the Rt. Rev. Bishop Frodsham (Vicar of Halifax.)

There is a shot of the two men entering the Infirmary. Both are wearing top hats.

Title - The Princess with the little individuals of the "Ann Holt" Open-Air Ward for Children.

The Princess enters with the nurses. All the children are in beds dressed with white bedclothes, and the beds are lined up around the room. The Princess goes to speak to some of the children, and photographers can be seen in shot.

Title - "We regard with pride and presence of your Royal Highness as a further token of the warm and sympathetic interest which Your Royal Family has ever taken in the alleviation of suffering." (Extract from Infirmary Address.)

The children in the ward can be seen along with some of their nurses.

Title - The Princess proceeding to the "Linford Moore Kitchenman" Maternity Ward.

The Princess walks down the hall to the ward. She is followed by various hospital staff members.

Title - The Linford Moore Kitchenman Ward.

Title - The Princess and Matron of the Infirmary (Miss Jessie Hills.)

The two pose for a picture on the steps outside the ward. This is followed by a close-up of a plaque (1924.) Inside, there are shots of a bed and accompanying baby cot, highlighting some of the facilities of the Maternity Ward.

Title - The departure from the Infirmary.

The Princess exits the hospital and gets into the waiting car.

Title - The Princess inspects the Girl Guides (Lady Fisher-Smith District Commissioner.)

The Girl Guides are lined up, and the Princess walks through the formations for an inspection.

Title - Procession passing through Corn Market en route Goldsborough - "To a farewell as vociferous as had been their welcome."

The Royal car drives down the street which is lined with townspeople. They wave and cheer as the car dives by, and after which, disperse. The film ends with a shot of the Union Jack flying high on a flagpole.