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This is a film which documents the visit of Princess Anne to the Newland Estate in 1971. During her visit she meets with most of the members of staff, many of the children of the society, and takes a tour around the premises. The last part of the film continues with the celebration when members of the society return to the estate for the Anniversary party.

The film opens with group of people gathered outside at the Newland Estate followed by a shot of the flag of the Sailors' Children's Society.
Title - The Visit of HRH Princess Anne to Commemorate teh 150th Aniversary of the Sailors Childrens Society 1821-1971 [sic]
The boys and girls are lined up in uniform on either side of the roadway which runs through the estate.
Title - Hessle High School Band
The band is set up in chairs on the grass with the band conductor in the centre. As the band plays, the crowd grows larger, and the grounds become filled with people.
Title - The Presentation of HRH Princess Anne to the Board of Management
The Board is lined up awaiting the arrival of the Princess, and a red carpet has been rolled out for the occasion. Princess Anne arrives and has a meet and greet session with the Board.
Title - HRH Princess Anne Unveiling the Plaque Accompanied by Mr. Barney
The two walk down the red carpet, and Anne pulls the curtain string to unveil the plaque. After, Anne walks around the estate stopping to talk to many of the people which have come out to see her.
Title - The Presentation of HRH Princess Anne to Mr. Hartley and Senior Members of the Staff
These men and women have lined up to shake hands with Princess Anne. Also, one on of the estate houses, there is a large banner celebrating the 150th Anniversary.
Title - HRH Princess Anne Visiting St. Nicholas School
Anne goes over and meets some of the children as well as goes in and looks around the school.
Title - HRH Princess Anne Visiting Dr. Lee House
Members of the Dr. C. A. Lee House are lined up outside to meet Anne who also goes inside to view the house. There are lots of people hanging around the estate, and there are members of the Hull Police Force there for security. Outside there is a formal presentation where a girl gives Anne a bouquet of flowers. Anne continues to walk around the estate, and the Lord Mayor makes an appearance. Finally, Princess Anne gets into a car which is driven away.
Title - The End

Sign - 1821-1971 150 Years
This part of the film is about the Reunion and celebration of friends and families of the Sailors' Children's Society.
There are many people who are walking around the estate after formally checking in and registering their return. Some of the day's events include footraces, long jump, and obstacle course races. At the indoor swimming pool, there is a new twisty slide. The children line up on it in a row, and two men shake hands near the steps. The slide is most likely a gift from one of these men to the society on this anniversary. Throughout the day, the people who have come for the celebration mingle outside on the estate.
Title - The End.