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This amateur film by Walter Gill records the occasion when Prince Philip visited Hartlepool to inspect the restoration work being carried out onthe historic ship HMS Warrior, a 40-gun steam-powered armoured frigate built for the Royal Navy, 1859–1861.

Title: 1980

Title: Prince Philip Sees The Warrior

The film begins wiith a flag flying on a pole on the wall of a building, and below some sea cadets wait in uniform. More of them stand in line along the road. In the distance there's the imposing hulk of HMS Warrior.

A brief view follows of the Custom's House clock tower. Officials and mebers of the public watch the cadets standing in line. Nearby a brass band plays.

Prince Philip emerges from the Custom's House with the mayor at his side. The officer and naval cadets salute Prince Philip. The prince stops and chats with the officer and one of the cadets.

Prince Philip then walks down the road surrounded by officials and pursued by photographers. They head towards the old coal dock at Hartlepool where the ship is undergoing restoration.

The group of officials, guests and followers pass by the prow of the ship. A crowd of well wishers greets the royal visitor as he approaches the ship. They enter the area where visitors and workers gain access to the ship. He walks up the gangway to the deck of the ship. A close up of the hull of the ship follows, with views of those not allowed on board waiting in the car park nearby

A brief view of the prow of the ship ends the film.

Title: End