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YFA 979



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Filmed on 1st June, 1978, this film documents the visit of HRH Prince of Whales to Whitby for the 200th anniversary celebrations of Captain Cook.

The film opens with crowds of people gathered around Whitby Abbey. A red helicopter flies over Whitby Bay and lands within the castle grounds. Prince Charles walks out of the helicopter with other men and walks through the crowds. Some members of the community have gathered in the graveyard to catch a glimpse of the Royal's arrival, and Whitby Abbey can also be seen in shot.

Scouts and other people stand on the cliffs at Whitby, and the filmmaker also captures views of Whitby town and harbour including The Grand Turk which is moored in the harbour.

Crowds of people are gathered at the Captain James Cook memorial as well as on a roof top overlooking the bay. Others gather outside the church on top of the cliff. The clock tower shows 12:30pm. Photographers and reporters are at the entrance of the church.

The crowd waves as Prince Charles walks out of the church and down the church path. He stops to talk to a few members of the public in the crowds before walking down the stone steps with the Mayor. Prince Charles walks through the streets, which are lined with bunting, as people wave from the windows of houses and wave flags on the street. The crowds of people follow Prince Charles as he walks through the streets.

Prince Charles speaks to members of the Royal Navy before continuing his tour through the streets lined with people waving flags. The Prince's car has a police escort which travels in front as they travel through the streets of Whitby. Several boats sail in the harbour along with an orange life boat. Crowds of people walk down to the harbour and stand outside the Royal Hotel. Whitby Abbey and buildings can be seen on the side of the cliffs.

The exterior of Captain Cook Bar is decorated with a Union Jack flag and wreaths, and people have come to the monument honouring Captain James Cook (1728-1779). Others are gathered outside the Royal Hotel, near the monument. Outside the hotel, men and women hand out Union Jack flags as police officers are given duties. Prince Charles leaves the Royal Hotel with the Mayor and speaks to members of the public in the crowd.

Crowds of people are gathered around the Captain James Cook monument next to a camera crew standing on scaffolding. The police escort the Prince's care as people run alongside the car to get a better look. A girl and boy stand holding a banner (Whitby Welcomes HRH Prince Charles). The camera crew on top of the scaffolding move their cameras to film the crowds. The film closes with a shot of the plaque and wreath in front of the Captain James Cook monument: This Plaque Commemorates the visit of H.R.H The Prince of Wales to Whitby on the 1st June 1978.