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YFA 2336



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This fictional film tells the tale of a terrible mix-up, which results in the death of an innocent man. The film is well shot, and there is a voice over which narrates. There is no dialogue and the music is a single classical score which runs throughout.

Title - Unit VIII

A woman stumbles along a grassy path and a voice over alludes the state of her tortured mind.

Title - The price of honour.

Title - With Sybil Damms and John Hoyland.

Title - Photographed by Terry Woodcock.

Title - Directed by B.Vincent Edgar.

The opening shot of this sequence shows a man in a field who finds some money nestled amongst the grass. It appears that the woman ahead of him has dropped it. He calls after her, but she runs off clearly scared of him. The following shots show the man chasing the woman through dense foliage. Eventually the woman runs into a wrecked building, where she hides. The man searches for her, and suddenly she springs out from behind a hedge and bludgeons him with a log. Finding the money, she realises that he was only trying to do a good deed, and she runs off horrified.

Title - The end.

Title - Unit VIII.