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NEFA 21053



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A sponsored film by Turners Film Productions for Dorman Long & Co. Ltd about a new painted plastic coating.

Title: Presenting D.L.P.C.

Title: Dorman Long Plastic Coated Sheet for Industrial Cladding

At the factory in Aycliffe women are seen working the machines which coat and over bake the new coating. In another part of the factory men are seen inspecting the metal or steel cladding and pressing them into sheets for use in roofing.

In a laboratory men in white coats show how they developed this new coating and how they test pieces of cladding for durability.

The film includes views of some of the buildings which have benefited from this new form of cladding including Ayresome Park football ground in Middlesbrough and the sports and social hall of James A. Jobling in Sunderland where the cladding is used as decorative facia.