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YFA 2639



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This is an enchanting film of a family holiday in Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay, focusing on a small girl buying presents for her friends.

Titles - OLCS "Oscar" award 1948
A Bloggs Production

Title - A Present from Whitby

Intertitles - September Days at Whitby, "The Haven under the Hill"

The film begins showing the abbey in the distance over the top of houses.

Intertitle - the Abbey

The abbey is shown closer up, also with views over the harbour.

Intertitle - Our next meal

A girl of about 10 years old casts a line and hook over the side of the harbour and pulls it up having caught a fish, which she unhooks.

Intertitle - Pilgrimage to R H B

The film switches to Robin Hood's Bay, where the girl and her father are on the beach looking at crabs. Her mother sits on the beach, but gets up when the camera is turned towards her. Mother and daughter then go out on a boat ride on a boating lake.

Intertitle - A Present from Whitby

People are sitting in deckchairs on the beach near the twin piers, with donkeys passing in front of them. The girl sits on the sand writing a list of presents for her friends and family, including a purse, a doll and a broach. She checks out how much money she has, leaves her notebook with her mother, who is knitting on the beach, and walks off. The girl goes into the shop of W. Braithwaite to buy a present, emerging having bought some Whitby Jet.

Intertitle - The Fleet's in

A fishing boat comes into the harbour, and the girl buys herself an ice cream between two wafers. She goes into another shop advertising St Bruno Flake (tobacco) and buys a small doll. A woman walks past with a child in a pushchair. The girl then enters an amusement arcade. The harbour is full of fishing boats, with fishermen mending their nets.

Intertitle - Up they come

Fishermen pull up their catches of fish in baskets, which are placed onto a rolling belt and up to a truck, onto which the fish are emptied.

Intertitle - Down they go

Some girls slide down the rolling belts on pieces of wood.

Intertitle - Preparing bait

Children watch as fishermen cut up fish for bait. The wooden fish crates and boats are washed down with hoses. The girl goes down to the beach passed the donkeys to join her mother. She ticks off two of her presents, re-counts her money and crosses off the rest on her list. She takes a liking to the doll and so also crosses that off the list.

The End