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YFA 3521



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This film shows the Huwood Hudswell 100hp diesel mines locomotive and modernisation of Moor Green Colliery in Nottinghamshire. The film was produced for Big Six Film Unit.

The opening sequence shows Hugh Wood Factory. The film then focuses on construction of and key features of Huwood Hudswell Diesel mines loco - single plate frame, fluid drive couplings, low consumption Gardner engine, hydraulic couplings, thermostatic controls, compressed airbrakes, flame traps, easy maintenance access. The finished loco is hauled onto the back of a lorry to avoid any damage by the lifting chains.

The second part of the film shows the modernisation of roadways at Moor Green Colliery and arrival of Huwood Hudswell loco. The latter is deconstructed and taken down to the coalface in sections. Within the main frame and cab, the lift is taken out and parts sent down in a special frame. Mine cars are also lowered in the same way. This diesel haulage increases output from five tons per haulage worker to 250 tons per man per shift. Also shown is Huwood Hudswell 68hp loco used for man-rider haulage and includes early side seating man-riders.