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This film by Eric Hall takes a look at some of the castles, palaces, bridges and sculptures that form part of France’s rich architectural heritage.

Title – A Hallmark Production
Title – Precious Stones

Title – Precious stones have long been recorded as a measure of man’s wealth…

A range of sparkling jewellery is arranged against a red and purple velvet background.

Title – But surely – the common stone fashioned by the skilled hands of man…

A man uses metal tools to carve a large block of stone, possibly marble.

Title – …but weathered thro’ countless generations…

A woman walks through the stone gateway of a large castle.

Title – …must be regarded as a measure of a country’s historic wealth

The gates of a palace are adorned with a golden eagle statue atop a stone plinth.

Title – France is justly proud of her sixteenth century palace of Fontainbleu [sic]

The exterior of the royal Château de Fontainebleau near Paris is shown, including a vast courtyard, bell tower, and a horseshoe shaped stone stairway up to a main door. On the far side of an ornamental pond is a small octagonal pavilion. In the pleasant gardens stand two statues of Roman figures. 

Title – Proud of her history, reflected in the stones of every spire and bridge…

A bridge spans a river and in the background two spires are visible over rooftops. On a different stretch of water, houses line the far shore, behind which is a squat round tower, possibly part of a castle. Another arched stone bridge crosses a river and a church stands on the banks nearby. The bridge and buildings by the shore are reflected in the tranquil water.

Title – Where man has long pursued a simple life ‘midst corn and wine

Labourers unload hay from a horse-drawn cart using pitchforks and pile it onto a large hayrick. A small, simple church stands at the bottom of a field. Mary Hall, the filmmaker’s wife, stands in a vineyard and inspects the vines, from which hang bunches of fat purple grapes.

Title – Then like a grandiose phantom from the middle ages rises…

A large medieval castle with round towers can be seen from a distance.

Title – Carcassonne – Pregnant with history…

Via a stone gateway, visitors enter the fortified city of Carcassonne in southern France. Various flights of steps and passageways are shown, followed by a bridge over the river. Sightseers walk along the crenelated battlements at the top of the city walls.

Title – Each stone a precious heritage in the heart of every Frenchman

The exterior of a church building has detailed carved stone decorations, and inside a stained glass window illuminates the darkness.

A woman peers through a metal gateway and people sit under parasols in a leafy courtyard. Outside a building covered with ivy, women load suitcases into the boot of a convertible car. A small number of poppies sway in the breeze.

The film ends with people descending a flight of steps at Carcassonne and the various towers and battlements seen from different angles.

Title – The End