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This is the second part of a documentary film of the London University College of Divinity at Ford Manor, Lingfield. It was made by Charles Chislett and commissioned by the Church Pastoral Aid Society. It shows the life, work and ethos of the College.

Intertitle - Inside Ford Manor the desks are empty on Sunday - or nearly

A cat lies sleeping on a desk.

Intertitle - Many of the students and the staff are away taking services in the district. Meals are informal and everybody helps with the washing up.

A group of men finish their meals and wash their plates in the sink.

Intertitle - Next morning the day begins at 6.30 am and Fuzzey leaves nobody in doubt about the fact

The warden comes around waking up everybody with a rattle. A man gets up and shaves, the cat cleans itself and another student studies a book.

Intertitle - At 7.15am there is morning service in the chapel

Students and staff in their black robes enter the chapel. Inside the service is conducted and they sing hymns. The minister gives a reading.

Intertitle - Afterwards students scatter for half an hour's "quiet time".

Three students leave the building clutching books and walk off into the wooded grounds.

Intertitle - It must be the early rising which makes Ford Manor breakfasts so cheerful

The students stand at their tables and say prayers before getting down to breakfast and chatting.

Intertitle - Lectures commence at 9 am

Students take notes as the teacher givers a lecture. In another class a teacher writes Greek characters (verbal stems) on a blackboard.

Intertitle - Fuzzey's bell for mid-morning break is much more popular than his earlier effort with the rattle

Fuzzey rings the bell and the class breaks for a cup of tea.

Intertitle - Dr Coggan's influence is felt throughout the college and much further afield.

Dr Coggan sits down with a student and discusses a book.

Intertitle - The bookstall stocks the latest publications

Dr Coggan puts some books out for display, including F W Dillistone, 'The Word of God and the People of God', which a student picks up to browse. Five members of the teaching staff sit down for the camera.

Intertitle - After lunch tea parties are always popular

The students, more informally dressed, sit in a dormitory room having biscuits and tea.

Intertitle - The College has a great missionary record; at home and oversees

A plaque has a list of names of past missionaries, with dates and destinations; the last ones shown being in 1946.

Intertitle - Week by week volunteers pack parcels of the student's own rations to be sent to Germany

The students are shown packing boxes with food provisions.

Intertitle - So these young men 'find themselves'. The power is at work.

(Colour) Intertitle - Ford Manor grounds have to be seen to be believed.

The main building is seen and a man walks through the wooded grounds in the sun.

Intertitle - The refreshing memory of their beauty must live with all those who have seen them

More of the grounds are shown, with the flowers and shrubs in full blossom. One of the lecturers sits on a bench with his notes, accompanied by a black cat.

Intertitle - The students are usually free in the afternoon for tennis or cricket or other outdoor activities

One of the students, kitted up for cricket, waits outside the main building on a bicycle.

Intertitle - Old Surrey Hall provides tennis in an ideal setting

The Tudor building is seen with cars parked outside. Students play a game of tennis doubles.

Intertitle - Cricket v King's College (London)

One side is out fielding, whilst the batting side wait their turn in the pavilion. Someone gets out and the new batsman, an Afro-Caribbean, makes his way to the crease.

Intertitle - Where does all this lead? Perhaps to a church like this, waiting to be rebuilt in Bethnal Green.

Some children walk past a derelict church, with terraced houses nearby.

Intertitle - Mrs Young, the war-time shelter marshal of St James the Less, who never stopped knitting in the worst blitz except to help the wounded, and who cheered everyone who met her, including HM the King.

A woman is shown chatting away and laughing as she knits. Children play in the bombed grounds around the church, and in the nearby terraced streets.

Intertitle - Or to this . . . In Nottingham

A church procession walks past a bomb damaged church, and go inside to hold a service, despite the absence of a roof.

Intertitle - . . . Or this

St Paul's Cathedral is quickly shown.

Intertitle - . . . Or this

Another church is shown in a village.

Intertitle - A Power Station gives light and power to a wide area, . .

Battersea Power station is shown.

Intertitle - . . . But Ford Manor's work knows no boundaries

Staff and students pose for a photo shot in front of the College building.

The dome of St Paul's is briefly shown and someone gives a reading from a lectern, and the film comes to an end.

The End