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YFA 1954



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Made by the University of Bradford, this promotional film highlights the benefits of being a student studying at their university.  The film features the University’s facilities and various academic programmes as well as provides a good example of 1970s student life in Britain.

Title: ‘University of Bradford’  ‘audio visual unit’ ‘Potential Graduate’

The film opens with a statue of W. E. Foster.  The commentary stresses that the University is designed to meet the technological needs of the age.  New students are met at the train station and taken to halls of residence.  A female student is escorted to her room and unpacks.  They attend the Fresher’s Conference where they are addressed by the Vice Chancellor, Dr Edwards, the Physical Recreation Officer, and other staff. 

The film then highlights the sporting facilities, including live action of rugby, hockey and football.  The Medical Officer is introduced and speaks with a patient in the medical centre where a nurse bandages a leg.  Back at the Conference, the President of the Student’s Union gives an address.  Then   various clubs and societies at the Fresher’s Week are shown, including orienteering, potholing, ballroom dancing,  the Scout and Guide Club, the Methodist Club, a left-wing political club, the Jewish Club, Ski Club, Sailing Club and the Riding Club, who are out riding at their base in Willesden.  Then members of the Rock Climbing Club are shown climbing at Ilkley Moor.

Then there is action from the Fencing Club and the Folk Club, before showing the work of the Immigrant Teaching Association which is responsible for teaching conversational English to immigrants.  The majority of these immigrants are from Pakistan.  Then a female student calls on the Women’s Welfare Officer.  The commentary goes on to explain the role of the student’s Personal Tutor.

There are examples of modern learning techniques, programmed learning, the videotronic machine and close circuit television.  Students work in various laboratories.  Then students on sandwich courses are shown on work placements in industry.  A board shows the examinations for the final year, on 8th June 1970.  The film closes with the students at their graduation ceremony.  Here, they shake hands with the Chancellor, Harold Wilson, and examine their degrees.