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YFA 1725



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This film consists of seven short extracts of events in York between 1939 and 1946. The events include The Duke of Kent visiting York, Police at Play and at Work, Holidays at Home, The Coronation and the Flying Scotsman, York Races, Opening of the new Park at West Bank, Scenes from York Regatta and the River Ouse frozen in January 1940.

Title - Pot Pourri (with mythical creatures playing musical instruments.) HRH the Duke of Kent Visits York.

Men are gathered on the steps of the Castle Museum. A Union Jack flag sails at full mast, and cars are parked in front of the lawn. Clifford's Tower can also be seen. The Mayor of York and another man in a brown suit stand at the entrance to the castle museum. Cars pull up to the front of the castle museum, and the Duke of Kent gets out of the car, walks up the steps to shake hands with the Mayor, and enters the Castle Museum. After his tour, the Duke of Kent gets into the car and is driven away as crowds of people wave.

A red and silver aeroplane is parked in a field as its engines are started. The Duke of Kent stands on the playing field talking to a man in a grey suit. The aeroplane takes off from the field and climbs into the sky.

Title - Police at Play.

At the Rowntree Park open air pool, crowds of spectators and watch from the stands as a police officer, wearing swimming trunks, dives into the swimming pool and swims under the water. Three policemen, dressed in swimming costumes, stand at the side of the pool. Two of the men raise their arms in front of them, dive in, and race each other the length of the pool. Underneath a brick archway, two women stand watching with a man holding a baby in his arms.

A series of races take place during this sports day. Different men take turns diving into the pool, and five policemen race each other using different strokes during the race. At the side of the swimming pool, women in dresses and hats and sitting on deck chairs read programmes listing the events. A police man wearing a swimming costume, suit jacket and brown shoes stands by the pool talking to judges.

Nine police men stand in the shallow end of the swimming pool. They are dressed in swimming trunks and police helmets. They blow up different coloured and shaped balloons, and once the balloon pops, the men swim across the swimming pool through white life guard rings. Having popped his balloon, one man begins to swim whilst the last police man is still blowing up his balloon at the shallow end. The police men swim across the swimming pool blowing bottle corks in front of them to the other side.

Title - Police at Work (with drawing of a police officer and a photograph.)

A police squad stands outside on the field. They are all dressed in uniform and stand at attention. Men wearing suits and hats stand next to the police in uniform. Three men walk around the field inspecting the police officers. The police officers march in formation, underneath the trees, and across the field before lining up. Police men stand to attention in front of five police vehicles (York City Police).

Title - Holidays at Home (cartoon of a man in red swimming trunks sitting on a deck chair with a dog rolling around on the floor.)

Men, women, and children stand next to a model track as a man sits on a model train travelling down the line. There are children sitting in the carriages. Steam billows out of the train's funnel, and more children take rides on the model train.

Title - The Coronation and The Flying Scotsman of days gone by (Photograph of train and drawing of traction engine.)

The Flying Scotsman travels along a track in the countryside. Smoke billows out of the funnel. On the front of the train is a sign (Great Northern Railway Co No 50 Makers 1870 DONCASTER). There are also shots of the wheels and pistons of the train, and there is a Coat of arms (East Coast Joint Stock) and carriages of the train (ECJS-GNR). Children get onto one of the carriages as the ticket seller stands on the platform. Passengers speak to the driver in the engine compartment at the front of the train. The train travels underneath a bridge across the tracks.

Title - York Races (EBOR___ DAYS) (Picture of a man racing a horse and carriage.)

Hundreds of cars are parked on a field. Men, women, and children walk along the path next to a car park. The parking facilities are filled with mini buses. Crowds of people gather in the fields in front of the betting stands, and people begin to gather at the side of the race track. The horses are lead to the paddock past the great stands of the York Race Club. Spectators line the race course behind the barriers as the horse's race down the track and across the finish line. Many mini busses are parked in a field by the race course.

Title - Opening the new park at West Bank.

The Mayor addresses the crowds with a speech. A blond haired boy, wearing a yellow bathing suit, sits on the shoulders of a man wearing glasses and a suit. The man walks with the boy and a group of other people next to a bowling green. In a ceremony, the Mayor takes a shovel and digs in the flower bed. Crowds of people walk around the gardens as men play bowels on the green. There are also views of the garden.

Title - Scenes from York Regatta.

A white passenger boat sails on the River Ouse past crowds of spectators on the river banks. People sit on the river bank watching two teams of girls rowing in a boat race. The race passes under one of the bridges where people are also gathered watching. A men's race follows.

Title - Well rowed ladies.

A woman's race takes place, and crowds of people are gathered on the river bank.

Title - Oh dear!

The team that was in the lead begins to slow and sinks as the other team races past. The women move the damaged boat to the river bank as two safety boats supervise. A men's rowing race takes place. A barge sails on the river towing another barge behind it.

Title - Jan 1940 River Ouse. (Picture of a man rowing a canoe next to an iceberg.)

The River Ouse is frozen over, and snow covers the river banks and part of the frozen river. Children are playing on the ice, throwing snow balls and sliding across the ice in a straight line. Men stand on the frozen river near the bridge, and a man rides a bicycle on the frozen river. People walk along the frozen river including a couple walking a dog, and the film closes with children who slide along the ice and fall into each other.

Title – At Helmsley

A brown Labrador is swimming in a river (presumably the River Rye).  A small boy arrives at the riverside carrying a branch, where there is another older boy and girl, and a man and a woman (presumably his family).   The children clamber on a narrow wooden footbridge over the river, and the film ends with a view over the surrounding countryside.