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YFA 4147



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This film shows a late 1950s gymnastics display by Hunslet Boys Club. The instructor is Mr. Sam Widdop who was involved in the club for the very start and taught gymnastics for 50 years. There is also footage of the Boys Brigade Group marching on a pitch surrounded by spectators. The Hunslet Boys Club was established in 1940 by Dr. J. Wyllie as a way of offering young people the chance to improve their skills in areas such as sports, crafts, karate, and IT. It was an opportunity for recreation and friendship and the motto was "Fitness for Life".

The film opens with the Boys Brigade Group marching on a pitch with hundreds of spectators watching. This is followed by gymnasts from Hunslet Boys Club. The boys are dressed all in white, and they line up to jump over a wooden horse with the help of Mr. Sam Widdop. They then do forward flips over the wooden horse and each boy is supported by the instructor.

The 1943 short musical film "Jumpin at the Jukebox" is also at the end of this reel.