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YFA 3110



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This film, made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, captures the fishing activities at Port Patrick, Scotland. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The film opens at the harbour. A man and women climb down from the dockside into a speed boat. The women puts on some water skis and the man starts the engine. They then go water skiing around harbour the and further out to sea.

Nearby fishermen are catching lobsters. They haul up the lobster pots over the side of the boats and place them on the decks. The live lobsters are put in crates before returning the pots to the sea.

From the boat, the camera shows people boating around the harbour. The film then moves back to the harbour side. Fishermen bring in other catches that are hauled up from the boats to the pier, and they are then loaded onto a truck.

The film closes with views of the fishermen mending their nets and relaxing on their boats.