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YFA 2020



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A film from the Ibberson family collection documenting the export trade and sale of Sheffield steel goods, from their family business.

Film opens with views of the port of Hull. Ships can be seen being taken around the dock, and there is a ship being prepared to leave. The next shot is the Captain of the "Pilot" boat. He is jumping ship into a small boat to be returned back to the Pilot boat. The ship then leaves the port of Hull. The boat arrives in Copenhagen, and the harbour is visible at night.

Next are scenes of Copenhagen. On one of the main streets is the Sheffield Shop. This shop which sells steel products made in Sheffield including the Ibberson Pen Knives and Cutlery. The streets nearby are busy with pedestrians and traffic. The film continues with more footage of Copenhagen including footage of many of the unique buildings in the city.

A man and a woman are smoking cigarettes at a small table inside a restaurant. This is followed by a huge display of naval warships, some steam. The same couple can be seen walking alone the boardwalk near the shops. Sailors parade on their boats, and visitors go aboard to inspect some of them. Mr. Ibberson and his friends can be seen on the deck of a ship which is making its way back to Hull. The film closes with a shot of the sunset at sea.