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YFA 2264



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This early nitrate film was made by Debenham & Co. and documents the wedding of Fred Groves and Alice Rothwell on the 20th October, 1920 at St Edmund’s Church, Roundhay, Leeds.  The bride, Alice, was given away by her father, John Rothwell Esq. who was a furniture dealer.  And the groom, Fred Groves, was a civil servant. 

Title:  ‘Popular Wedding at Roundhay’  ‘This picture was Photographed exclusively for this Theatre by Debenham & Co. York.’

The film begins in a garden where a small boy, smartly dressed in an overcoat, walks past looking at the camera.

Intertitle:  ‘The Family Group at the House’ 

A group of people in formal dress, the women holding flowers, pose for the camera.  In the street two ladies are helped out of a parked car by a man.   Then an open-topped car pulls up, and more people get out.  They are followed by a third car.

Intertitle:  ‘Arrival of the Bride Alice who was given away by her Father John Rothwell Esq.’ 

The Bride’s car arrives.  When she gets out, she is carrying a large bouquet of flowers.  Her father is also with her and dressed in a dressed in a morning suit with a top hat.

Intertitle:  ‘The Bride and Bridegroom Mr and Mrs Fred Groves leaving St Edmunds Church Roundhay.’  

The newlyweds leave the church and get into a waiting car.  The guests watch them depart, throwing confetti on them, and more cars draw up with guests disembarking at a different venue.  The newlyweds pose for the camera.

Intertitle:  ‘The Guests who wish that all their Troubles would … little ones’ 

The newlyweds lead the guests out onto a forecourt, and they file past the camera twice.

The End