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YFA 2109



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This film is in three parts:  the first shows the retirement presentation of Mr Fell, the second a day at Pontefract races, and the third of places in Wales and Cheddar Gorge.

The film opens with Mr Fell at his retirement presentation where speeches are made, and Mr Fell and his wife are presented with a bouquet of flowers.  Mr Fell also makes a speech.  The film briefly shows some women eating in the work canteen before two men making their way through some heather and up a hill.  There is a small aerodrome with gliders taking off and landing.

There is a poster advertising Pontefract Races on Wednesday and Thursday the 29th and 30th September.  Then the film goes straight into a race, with the horses setting off.  Cars and buses arrive and are directed by a traffic policeman on a pedestal.  People also arrive on foot, buying a racing paper en route.  Horses are also shown being lead to the ground and parade around the grounds before the race.  Jockeys mount the horses, and crowds throng around the betting stands.  There are several horse races, and bookies take bets.  Some of the winners are being paid out.  Horses are paraded around, and finally put back into their boxes ready to leave.

The last part of the film shows various places in Wales - Carnarvon Castle/Menai Bridge - and finally a few seconds of Cheddar Gorge.