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YFA 2712



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This is a film made by Doncaster Cine Club and is entitled "Lights All Aglow." The film documents the Pontefract Christmas Illuminations in 1963.

Title - Lights all aglow.

The film opens with a night shot of a sign that has 'Pontefract' written on it. Lights then illuminate a banner that reads 'Welcome - Pontefract'. A street in Pontefract is then shown illuminated by the lights that hang overhead. There is then a sequence that captures an animated light display; a peacock's tail made from lights flickers on and off, while a picture of Santa Claus also moves.

The filmmaker captures various shots of the lights that decorate the streets; many have been strung up on bushes and between lampposts, and an expansive view shot shows another lit up street. A poster of a huntsman smoking a pipe is then briefly shown, before there are more lights displays, which make stars and other shapes.

The filmmaker then shows a cartoon cut-out of a golly-wog. Views of various Christmas decorations are followed by a scene which shows an indoor market, and the market is busy with people shopping for Christmas decorations. Outside again, a sign reads 'merry Xmas' and following shots capture streets with shops illuminated by multi-coloured lights in various designs, and one shop is called 'Bladons'.

Then there is a sequence with flickering lights and a shot of a shop with an illuminate clock tower. A lengthy sequence shows busy streets with shops, people (one shop is called 'Ratners'), and some views of tall decorated Christmas trees. More lights blink in the darkness, including an elephant and views of a sign with 'Harry Jacobs' written on it. A shot of a restaurant sign is followed by a shop called 'Stylo', and more views show bright lights. The final passage includes some close ups of decorations and these are interspersed with more illuminate Pontefract streets.

Title - The end.