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YFA 3540



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The film shows the various stages in the construction of Pond Street Bus Station, Sheffield. There are also scenes of bus and passenger activity and views of the surrounding area.

On a wet day, passengers are alighting from buses and making their way along the open platforms and up the steps of the temporary bus station. There are a number of buses standing in the parking area. Near Pond Hill there are queues in one of the bus shelters.

At the foot of the slope leading from Flat Street men are working in the road. One of the workmen is shown using a pipe cutting machine and others are laying pipes in a trench. Various pipes are shown in the ground, followed by a section newly laid reinforced concrete.

In front of one of the smaller buildings a workman is cutting a sheet of corrugated metal. He then climbs a ladder to the roof and fits the sheet into a gap in the roof decking before slotting a pipe through a hole he has made. Behind him other partly completed buildings can be seen and, beyond, the steep slope rising from the other side of Pond Street. With the roof decking completed, it is covered with bitumen, felt and boards. There are again views of the surrounding area, including the Lyceum Hotel and the premises of Sheffield United Tours in Pond Hill.

Elsewhere other construction work is under way. Inside one of the buildings an electrician is fitting the lights while outside glass is being fitted in the windows and the frames painted. Part of the building is unfinished but the outside lights are installed and one section appears to be finished, with barriers erected and direction signs in place.

On another part of the site pre-cast concrete roof sections are being unloaded from a lorry by crane and swung into place on the main bus station building. These are followed by wall panels and window frames. The curved timber roof ribs are being made on site and the roof begins to take shape. Meanwhile, next to the new building, passengers are boarding a bus in Pond Street.

From a vantage point on the other side of Pond Street the partly completed bus station can be seen and buses are operating from the open area towards River Lane. The roof of the main building is now being clad with timber and inside work is continuing. After further general views, more of the work on the roof is shown. Inside the building paving is being laid, painting done, barriers erected and lights fitted.

New steps leading to Flat Street are shown. An excavator is digging more trenches and in a large excavation shored with timber, bricklayers are at work. With snow on the ground, new concrete posts are being lowered into the ground by crane. On another of the partly completed platform buildings more posts and wall panels are being fitted.

The interior of the main platform appears to be finished but work continues on the roof. The bricklayers are still at work and men on a tower wagon work on the street lights. Another elevated view shows the bus station taking shape and there are views towards Pond Hill and Flat Street.


The site in Pond Street was designated as a bus station in January 1940 but the war prevented any further development. In October 1955 a scheme was approved to provide four covered platforms, underground public conveniences, ladies waiting room, enquiry and left luggage offices and ancillary accommodation. Details of the project are given in the brochure produced for the official opening.

Work commenced in October 1955, the first building was in use by 21 December and all the main covered areas were in use by 30 March 1956. The official opening was held on 2 August 1956.


Transferred to Sheffield Libraries from the City Council's Publicity Department in 1985