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This is a film about how the new police force fights crime as it moves into the 21st century. They are aided by the Police National Computer and new policing methods are shown with the Humberside area as a backdrop to the action.

The film opens with a brief shot of the front of a police car driving along a road with its siren on. There is another brief shot of a policeman driving the car and talking on a phone and another brief shot of a police officer standing in front of a car which is parked on some grass; he is talking into his radio.

Title-Police National Computer.

The voice over says that since 1974 this computer has been helping policemen all over the country to prevent and fight crime, as it contains information gathered from across the UK. There are shots of police officers at desks, on the beat and in cars as well as dealing with the public.

The voice over says that the Police National Computer is a big memory that stores details of criminals, finger prints, cars and stolen registration plates.

A policeman waits in his car off the side of a road; he sees a car drive past and is suspicious. He drives after it and calls the Police National Computer and gives them the registration number; it is not listed as stolen but the voice over still questions why the woman was driving so fast.

Next the voice over explains the main index of the computer that is used the most; it is divided into two searchable sections. The first one is registration number or chassis number and when a result is found there are eleven possible codes to signify why the car has been added to the computer.

There are aerial shots of the policeman driving after the suspect car; the woman in the car pulls it over to the side of the road and the policeman goes over to her. He says she was speeding and he asks for the car owner's name, her driving licence and then he calls the Police National Computer again to check on her.

The voice over gives another list of the keywords that can be used to check car details on the computer system.

The next section is a very detailed explanation of the flow of information from headquarters to the different police stations and police officers. The voice over also describes how the telecommunications section works.

There are several scenes showing the police at work tracking down a disqualified driver, a missing man, a young man wanted for the possession of drugs. There are some other scenes which show how the use of the Police National Computer can help in finding stolen cars.

The voice over says that before you start a search, check with PNC.

Title-The Producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance given by..

Title-British Rail, Sealink, British Transport Docks Board, Crystal (Hull) Ltd., Darley's Hotel, Hessle, David Woods, Ph.D (Wales). M.B.K.S., Hull Aero Club, Wm. Jackson & Son. Ltd.

Title-And Humberside Police personnel.

Title-Commentary- Charles Levitt, B.B.C. Radio Humberside.

Title-Production:-Keith Pollard, Derek Hall of the Photographic Dept. Humberside Police.