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The Police Staff College, Bramshill, is the principal police staff training establishment in the United Kingdom. The need for a training college for the police was pushed heavily by Sir Frank Newsam. The college was established in 1948 as the National Police College and originally located in Warwickshire; however, Newsam was able to secure its permanent base at Bramshill in 1960. This film, made by members of the West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary, is a record of the visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to the College in 1961.

Title - The Police College, Bramshill
Home Office Higher Training for the Police Service in England and Wales.

There is a sign post for the Police College, and a car drives down the country road where it approaches the college. The car drives through the gates of the estate. This is followed by aerial footage of the estate houses and surrounding grounds. During this time, the commentary provides a bit about this history of the estate and how it was acquired and turned into the Police College. The gateway to the formal gardens and close ups of flowers can also be seen.

Officers exit from the gardens, and there is footage of the surrounding countryside and woodlands. Hunting is a tradition at the college, and there is a large lake on part of the estate. The stable yard is shown along with new college buildings in the background. Dining facilities are next to be highlighted, and the formal dining room has long, dark wooden tables and chairs. There is also footage of the kitchen, fryer, and the chef preparing meals. 1000 meals are served each day at the college. Officers approach, some in uniform, and the dining hall is full.

There are more exterior shots of the estate buildings, and the commentary notes the special biometric brick design of one of the buildings. Men walk towards the camera, followed by more exteriors, and students in robes walk through the main gates. There is a close up of a coat of arms. Following this are interior shots of many of the different rooms including the chapel, drawing room, music room, and long gallery which has been turned into the college library.

Moving on, different classrooms are shown, and the commentary notes that contribution is expected from every student. The students participate in both lectures are small group seminars and discussions. Crime scenes and major incidents are staged so the students have experience with real-life scenarios. There is also an ambulance and fire brigade presence at the exercises to make them realistic.

Sign - Righteousness Exalteth a Nation: But Sin is a Reproach to any people.

Officers are grouped together along with international students. They also participate in a variety of recreational and sporting activities at the college including wood shop, boat building, tennis, volleyball, cricket, and table tennis.

Calendar - Tuesday, 25th April

The students get ready, one of the female students putting on some lipstick as a finishing touch. In the rain, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive. They meet with senior members of staff and enter the main hall where officers stand at attention. Photographers can be seen, and the Royals take a seat. Then it's back to the car where there are more presentations.

Plaque - On the 25th April 1961 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and his Royal Highness The Price Philip Duke of Edinburgh visited Bramshill to make the establishment here of the Police College.

The Royal Couple exit the building and are driven away down the path. Cadets line the pathway and salute as the Queen passes, and once the car has left through the gate, the students make their way back up to the hall. Finally there is a shot of the Police College book which has been signed by both Philip and Elizabeth II.

Title - Photographed and produced in 1961 by members of The West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
Title - The End.